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Long gone are the days of using the same packaged, off-the-shelf training that your competitors are using. Today’s marketplace calls for modern, advanced learning solutions that arm your company with unique competitive advantage to drive new levels of success.


We are experts at designing, developing, and delivering results-driven learning solutions to fit our clients’ workforce development needs.


 Smart organizations create an environment of shared accountability and partnership between leaders and employees.


Leaders are the stewards of organizational energy.  At ABL we believe the purpose of a leader is to engage others in committing their full energy to create value and success. 

Client: Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

ABL provides the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) with required live-instructor led training, online Live and online self-paced courses to prepare DIA civilian and military employees to take Department of Defense 8570.01-M mandated certification as well as mandated annual certification maintenance.
ABL’s instructors are well-seasoned Federal Government and Department of Defense experienced professionals who bring substantial real world knowledge and application to the learning environment. Many of our instructors hold Secret and Top-Secret clearances.



Results achieved:

* Advanced Business Learning saved the DIA 30% on the cost of the incumbent, including the following value added services provided as part of the overall program cost.

¤ ABL evaluated Civilian and Military employee certification requirements based on role and category within the DIA.

¤ ABL used a proprietary system to track individual progress through the certification and qualification programs.

¤ ABL implemented a concierge-based service to assist with scheduling certification exams, and reported training status to DIA management.

Client: Navy Recruiting Command

Navy Recruiting Command (NRC) required an entirely new, Government Purpose Rights 100% Navy customized, sales training methodology. Advanced Business Learning, Inc. has designed and developed a comprehensive program titled Value Oriented Recurring (VALOR) which includes participant materials, fully articulated leader materials, HD videos, simulations and a continuous learning system for the NRC’s 5000 Officer and Enlisted Recruiters. Additionally, Advanced Business Learning is developing and revising five (5) NRC programs to provide Recruiting Command Leaders with the knowledge and skills training to meet the mission of the Navy Recruiting Command – recruit high-quality men and women to meet the Navy’s quantitative, qualitative, and program needs.

ABL provides Training needs assessment and skills gap analyses, all phases of the ADDIE Process, Job Duty Task Analyses (JDTA) Reports, Front End Analysis-Applied Cognitive Task Analysis,) Pipeline Training Based on analysis results, Pipeline Knowledge and Performance Assessments based on analysis results, Formative Evaluations, Train-the-Trainer certifications, Facilitator qualification and certification, Training facilitation, coaching/mentoring services, knowledge tests, design and development of facilitator guides, student handbooks, and training support materials, comprehensive, multi-level strategic workforce change management plan and assisted with implementation.



Results achieved:

Advanced Business Learning saved the Navy 30% on the cost of the incumbent, Achieve Global’s COTS sales training program PSS, which was not Navy customized and not Navy owned

Advanced Business Learning conducted an independent Training Effectiveness Evaluation one year after the new sales methodology rollout. Results were extremely positive and beyond NRC’s expectations in terms of the usability and applicability to the challenges the Recruiters face on a daily basis.

o 78% of Recruiters and 73% of Leaders agree or strongly agree VALOR Skills and tools help position Navy Opportunities and Advantages to what Prospects’ value most.

o 70% of the Leaders agree or strongly agree their Recruiters are better prepared to address Prospect’s and Influencers’ issues.

o 62% of Leaders use VALOR as a coaching tool with Recruiters ensuring ongoing usage.

All deliverables were accomplished on time, within budgetary requirements and met or exceeded quality targets.

Customer Feedback.

NRC Master Chief Recruiter referred to VALOR as the “best training he had ever seen in the Navy”.

Client: Avnet Electronics, Inc.

Avnet is the market leader providing customers around the world with the electronic components, enterprise computer solutions, services and embedded technology they need to grow their businesses.

Avnet has been a client of ABL’s for over 20 years. Avnet requires training to addresses sales challenges including a continually changing market and need to differentiate its products through a customer-facing sales methodology on an ongoing basis to emerge (1999-2005) and keep their position (2006-to date) as a market leader.

ABL conducted in-depth needs analyses with incumbent sales professionals, sales leaders, sales management to determine best practices and identify gaps in current skill levels and procedures. ABL established a consistent company-wide, fully customized sales process and methodology to address the needs identified. ABL designed all versions of ASE in the context of and aligned with Avnet’s organizational development strategies. ABL developed multiple reinforcement and sustainability tools so the terminology and key learnings were in front of employees at all times. ABL conducted formative and summative evaluations (ROI) studies and certified (TTT) Avnet internal trainers and Business Leaders to facilitate sales curriculum.

Results achieved:

* Conducted a Return on Investment Analysis of sales training over a one-year period. The results proved an unprecedented return on sales training costs to improved sales of 3.1 to 1, i.e. every dollar invested in training resulted in 3.1 margin dollars.

* Calculations were based on all associated costs of training, including travel expenses and all training materials and facilitators against sales margin as the measure of return.

* Each sales person, on average, ascribed over $200,000 to a single sale resulting from skills learned in ASE.

* 94% of managers reported that their team members are using skills and business tools related to ASE frequently. A major skill that most sales representatives and managers reported was an increase in use of credibility and trust with customers and prospects.




Client: Spectra Energy

Spectra Energy is North America’s premier natural gas infrastructure business. Spectra Energy’s Learning and Development organization embarked upon transformational change for leaders and employees, and therefore needed to create an entirely new approach to workforce development.

ABL’s learning solutions include over 20 distinct customized programs, focused on individual and leadership effectiveness, in the context of culture change, change transformation, leadership and coaching.








Results achieved

Individual contributors trained = 2,048 and Leaders trained = 437

* Prior to contracting with ABL, Spectra Energy had an unacceptable level of employees not attending training classes for which they registered. Within the first year of ABL providing the learning content and facilitators, cancellations and “no shows” were reduced by approximately 70%.

* This significant increase in attendance is attributed to both the relevance of the content offered that directly addresses the employees’ real business challenges and the quality of the ABL facilitators and their ability to create an engaging and motivational learning and reinforcement experiences.

* 93% to 99% of attendees rate the training material with the top two highest ratings on every scored item.

* 95% to 99% of participants rate the facilitators with the top two highest ratings on every scored item.

* Spectra Energy received the Employer of Choice Award in 2009 based, in part, to their overall training and development culture and initiatives and increases in results in employee surveys, supported by ABL.

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