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Customer Service and Call Center Efficacy *

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The definition of customer service in the 21st century has changed: It is no longer about Satisfaction; it is about Engagement, it is about Exceeding Expectations.  Organizations are looking for something sustainable that can support business success and meet their full potential.  Today’s customers have more options and choices than in the past. In addition, customers have more access to information and comparisons, and greater knowledge of their options. Customers are more informed than ever. As a result, there is an escalating set of customer expectations. As these changes come faster and faster, businesses in every sector are finding it more difficult to achieve differentiation through product or price. 

ABL’s Approach

We work with our customers to focus on differentiating themselves on their service to customers. This “branding” of the total customer experience goes further than just meeting needs and expectations. The key to success requires that organizations engage customers to a higher degree than ever before.


* = A Wilson Learning offering

ABL’s Offerings

Advanced Business Learning’s customer service and call center programs are always customized as we know our clients each have unique business models. What is consistent and foundational throughout the learning programs are the following tenets:

Empathy demonstrates that you have a sense of or an appreciation for the customer’s view of a situation and his or her feeling about it. It is essential service providers are encouraged and challenged to develop awareness and gain insights about their thinking and actions (self-management) during customer interactions.

  • Behaviorally defined and modeled skills help participants develop positive relationships, built on credibility, shared purpose and trust.
  • Participants learn how to ask questions that uncover the real needs and interests of others, how to present recommendations and facilitate decision-making, always through the lens of providing a great customer experience while balancing profitability for their organization.
  • Participants learn how to build their credibility with customers (internal and external) by empathizing with their concerns, answering their questions, demonstrating propriety, communicating competence and commonality, and confirming a positive intent.